Today, most technology buyers complete 40-60% of their evaluation process before they ever engage you.  And when they do, their processes, actions, and decisions are becoming less visible. Google touts it. Gartner talks about it. And, you’re probably experiencing it. Imagine how much more successful you’d be if every sales and marketing effort were perfectly in sync with how your buyer really buys. This is the problem we solve.    

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Engage your buyers more effectively at every stage.

Grow revenue more quickly and predictably with less wasted budget, time, and risk. 

We provide three service areas that contain individual programs built on contemporary strategies and approaches to reach today’s buyer. The mix is tailored and applied to the most challenging areas of your sales cycle. 


More than a decade of experience solving this problem.

Since 2003, through many client engagements, we’ve conducted over 5000 interviews with senior IT and business unit managers—specifically about their buying process. From that experience, we’ve created a highly effective arsenal of tools and IP that no one else offers. We flexibly apply these tools to help you understand every aspect of your buyer’s journey and create more focused initiatives that better engage your customers. You’ll grow customer revenue more quickly and predictably, with less wasted budget, time, and risk.

3 service areas that can deliver immediate impact.

15 years of client success

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Sample Clients

For 15 years, we’ve been helping our clients consistently grow their customer revenues. They hire us because we have a unique “outside-in” approach that always starts from the customer’s view. We have a solid reputation for creating high-quality work that exceeds their expectations, and for developing initiatives that deliver results. And, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from billion-dollar global technology leaders to startups trying to land their first customers.

  • Nearly 100% of our business is from referrals.
  • More than 50% of our work is repeat business.
  • We’ve worked on the inside as CMOs and VPs of Sales.
  • We’re flexible and easy to work with

Why Oxbow?

10 reasons why our customer love working with us.

  1. We’re singularly focused on helping you grow sales. 
  2. Everything we do is based on thinking from the customer’s view, inward.
  3. We bring over 15 years of experience and market insight from other engagements to your table. 
  4. We don’t just dream up fancy ideas and advice.  We execute what we create.
  5. Our experience spans Enterprise Apps, Cloud, Security, Telecom, and many other areas.  What we don’t know we learn fast. 
  6. Everything we do is custom tailored to your situation, goals, team, market, competitors, etc.
  7. We’ve been CMOs and Sales VPs so we know how to overcome challenging internal dynamics that can derail a project  
  8. We ensure adoption and utilization well after we’re gone by involving you in every stage of the project.
  9. We understand sales and marketing systems such as Salesforce, KnowledgeTree and others so we can help you institutionalize what we create.
  10. We roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to get things done.